5 Epic Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog (even if you’re not tech savvy)


January, 2018

Do you ever find yourself chatting to work colleagues about a topic that’s got absolutely nothing to do with your job? I remember consistently bringing up topics relating to health, fitness, supplements and nutrition and how to improve my peak mental performance. However, I was working as a site engineer, which had nothing to do with what I was obviously passionate about at the time. Pretty soon, someone (my mum) said, ‘why don’t you start a blog?’ Starting a blog was the best decision I ever made because it helped me focus my passion and gave me a platform to eventually turn my passion into a business.

5 Epic Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

  1. Focus Your Passion
  2. Personal Development
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Inspire Others
  5. Potential Business

Focus Your Passion

Every person on this earth has their own amazing story to tell. And often, it is their story (past experiences) that breeds a deep passion for certain things. For me it was a head injury I sustained prior to starting university that forced me to improve my brain performance and mental health. The strategies I used helped me transition from a state of confusion and inability to hold conversations to finishing my first year with marks in the top 10%.

My experience developed a passion for helping others improve their resilience and mental toughness through exercise, nutrition and meditation. Once I started blogging about my passion, I gained a lot more clarity around my purpose moving forward. This passion became the foundation of my first official business. Being able to focus your passion is the biggest reason (for me at least) why you should start a blog.

Personal Development

Publishing your thoughts to the world wide web is an excellent way to explore your learnings and experiences no matter what you are passionate about. Blogging is the next level up from journaling and will accelerate your personal development. Trust me.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate, whether written or verbally, is one of the most important skills you can develop. It simply helps your life and it’s something that happens naturally from blogging. Another great reason why you should start a blog.

Inspire Others

There are some truly amazing blogs out there sharing some unique views and perspectives about life. I’m sure you’ve come across them. Those writers all started somewhere (and I don’t mean writing school assignments). They say one of our needs as a human being is to be able to contribute. Blogging is a great way to contribute and inspire others.

Potential Business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or just simply interested in starting your own business one day, starting a blog could be one of the best investments you ever make. I’m not saying a blog is going to make you rich (it definitely could though), but it will at the very least give you a foundation to explore everything going through your mind. It’s like a journal to help gather your thoughts and a passion project at the same time.

Successful business’ often need a great idea, but this great idea isn’t normally the first idea you have. It’s usually an idea generated as a byproduct from a passion project or business attempt. Blogging is your passion project and the next step to a brighter future.

So whether you need clarity or help focusing your passion, interested in starting a business, aware that you need to work on yourself or keen to contribute and inspire others, there are many reasons why you should start a blog.

Have you already started blogging? Feel free to share your words of wisdom.


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