Escape the Rat Race, Travel the World and Live YOUR Dream
Max Jacobs
Growing up, my dream was to be a professional sportsperson. I wanted to make money playing golf or competing in MMA. I never realised these dreams because they got warped along the way. The path society had set out for me was not in alignment with following my dreams. Friends, family and the school system made it seem like the only way forward was to follow the normal path of going to school, securing a well paying job, building a respectable career, buying a big house and apparently living happily ever after. Eventually, just like most, I found myself off my true path. I had entered into a race I couldn’t win. I needed to escape the rat race.

We are all influenced by literally everything around us: our friends, family, books, tv shows and people we meet along our life journey. Every moment in your life (whether you realise it or not) is altering your life path. Each moment is either going to push you towards a life on your own terms or pull you back towards a seemingly predetermined path and subpar way of living. 

At any moment you can choose to all the people and things in your life holding you back to ‘shove it’, escape the rat race and follow your own path. A path full of excitement, adventure, experiences and wonder.

I always laugh when I hear someone say ‘living the dream’. There is no one dream. There is only one rat race. It’s time to escape the rat race. You are unique, so live a unique life that’s authentic to only you. Live YOUR dream, whatever that may be. And it will surely change. Mine is no longer to be a professional sportsperson. My dream a few years ago was to travel the world while running a geographically independent business. Every business I’ve started over the years has helped me achieve that dream. Whether financially or through lessons learned.

Right now I strive to help aspiring entrepreneurs escape the rat race and live life on their own terms by starting their journey through an online presence. In other words, I build websites that allow my clients to stand out in front of all the cookie cutter, DIY websites. Websites that give you the best possible chance of success when starting your first business.

It might seem out of reach right now but I assure you it is possible to escape the rat race and start living your dream. To help you I’m going to share some insights and strategies I’ve picked up along my travels. 


I Love Travelling

As a side note, I love travelling! I can’t even put into words how awesome travelling is (but I’ll give it a go anyway)… It’s something that really has to be experienced. And that’s one of the main reasons I love travelling – for the experience. And it’s much more than just a hedonistic lifestyle. I love meeting new people, trying new things, learning and experiencing different cultures and ways of living. The quote below sums this up:


To see the world, things dangerous to come to,
to see behind walls, draw closer,
to find each other, and to feel.
That is the purpose of life.

If you haven’t seen the movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, do yourself a favour and get onto it tonight.

So, If you like travelling to new and exciting places and perhaps want to do it long term, then keep reading.

From almost two years of travelling (so far), I’ve met many people spending years travelling the globe. Pretty much every person I’ve met has showed me a different way to continuously travel and live life. Before I started travelling, I had the belief that only rich people travel. TOTALLY WRONG. Rich people go on holidays. Real travelling is more of a lifestyle. A nomadic lifestyle. And I’m going to share 3 strategies that anyone can follow in order to travel the world. And the best part is that you can start a business while you are travelling!

3 Strategies to Escape the Rat Race and Travel the World

  1. Find a different job in every country you visit.
  2. Volunteer
  3. Online work

Find a different job in every country you visit

This is probably the most common way people travel as it’s pretty much the same as working your shitty job back home but it forces you to simplify your life and the ‘things’ you need in it. If you’re thinking you’re trading one rat race in for another, you’re wrong. To really escape the rat race, you need to change your mindset. And travelling helps you do that naturally…

By travelling and working from country to country, you transition to using each new job as a means to an end so you can experience the wonders of each city instead of an endless pursuit of more money. So why not work that ‘shitty job’ from back home, but in different countries all around the world? Ultimately, you probably won’t think it’s shitty anymore. Instead you could have a different job in every country. Variety is the spice of life.

Key benefits:

  • enjoy the great feeling of starting a new/different job every few months. Much better than working the same job for years back home.
  • work for a few months then travel for a few months. At the very least, experience the city in which you are working. You can do this every day after work. Much easier than catching a 10 hour flight across the world, jamming in as many activities as you can in 2 weeks and catching a 10 hour flight home and being more tired than when you left. Not to mention working for another year before your next holiday.
  • learn new skills in every job.


This is perhaps my favourite strategy. A couple months ago I volunteered and learned how to train snow dogs for an upcoming mushing tournament. What an amazing experience. Right now I’m volunteering part-time at a hostel in beautiful Golden, British Columbia in exchange for food and accommodation. This allows me to snowboard everyday. Any money I make on the side as a web designer goes to beer, restaurants and good times.

Using this strategy you could travel around a country indefinitely without spending any money. Your food and accommodation is covered, all you need to do is hitchhike from place to place (if you are wild enough ;)). There are many platforms out there that make this possible but the best is definitely a website called Work Away

Key benefits:

  • the best way to really experience a different way of living. You live and breath the lifestyle of where you are volunteering.
  • learn new skills.
  • you only volunteer 6-20 hours of your time each week. So you still get every day to go out, explore and do whatever you want. I usually find a good balance between exploring and growing my online business.

Online Work

This is my main strategy. Although I tend to bounce between this strategy and volunteering depending on location. Working online is great because all you need is a laptop and wifi connection. I’ve met bloggers, website testers, graphic designers, web developers, virtual assistants and online tutors to name a few. There are so many ways to make money online, you just need to look for them. The best way to start is by freelancing. There are many platforms out there! I’m currently using People Per Hour as one strategy to find work online.

Key benefits:

  • work from anywhere in the world.
  • build your own business.

Escape the Rat Race

If you want to travel, it’s not out of reach. You can easily escape the rat race by using the first two strategies and working on the third strategy as you go. These strategies will take you to places you only dreamed of. As a result of travelling, you seemingly stop spending all your time buying and accumulating possessions. You don’t need that watch, that fancy car, those new clothes. These ‘things’ that you work all day to pay off are just stroking your ego.  Stop the endless pursuit of more money. You don’t need lots of money. Realistically you probably only need a few weeks pay and then you are ready to start travelling the world. Figure out the rest as you go. 

Abraham Maslow once said,

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.”

Too often we live in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, even fear of success.

Don’t live in fear of things going wrong. If you do this, you will do nothing but live in a subpar reality. You could do more, see more and be more.

Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it. Everything is possible.

This message is key when it comes to living life on your own terms.

If you hate your job, then quit.

If you want to travel, then travel.

If you have a dream, chase it.


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